Monday, 20 May 2019

Common Earwig

July 3 2015
July 3 2015*
May 20 2019

The Common Earwig is nocturnal, scavenging on dead plant and animal matter at night and retreating to hide under stones or in rotten logs during the daytime. Female Common Earwigs are excellent mothers: laying their eggs in damp crevices, they guard the nest and gently clean the eggs until the young hatch. They will then guard the young until they are ready to fend for themselves. The pincers of the Common Earwig can give a human a small nip, but they are generally used to scare off predators.

How to identify

The Common Earwig is a large earwig and the only species which is common and widespread in the UK. A familiar insect, it has a dark brown, elongated body with pincers at the end. The pincers are more curved in males than in females.

May 20 2019

May 20 2019

May 20 2019

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