Wednesday, 25 April 2018

On this day 21 April 2018

Bee fly  ( Bombyliidae)

After three days of lovely hot sunshine, the insects have come out in large numbers. I have never seen so many Hoverflies this early in the garden. So on that note I set out to the park to see what I could find.

Lesser celandine


There is a small patch of Bramble on the side of the path that leads to the parks, this spot gets sun  from morning to late afternoon, so a haven for insects to warm up and feed. 

I  need to look again at my Hoverfly book.. well it has been over a year. 
I think this might be a  Tapered Drone Fly - Eristalis pertinax

Bee Fly - Bombylius major

The Bombyliidae are a family of flies. Their common name are bee flies or humbleflies. Adults generally feed on nectar and pollen, some being important pollinators. Larvae generally are parasitoids of other insects.

Sadly I only saw  Harlequin  Ladybirds .

I got to see my first Blackcap of the year. Long way of but happy to spot this male as I did not see one at all last year.

Male Blackcap

Carrion Crow

Photos of the nesting birds were taken

We have a Mute Swan nesting on the pond, they have put some barriers up to try and stop people walking their dogs from jumping in the water near the nest.

I do hope they are left alone and manage to have their chicks.

Shame there was so much plastic used to build the nest. The people who look after the park do a good job of litter picking, but don't go in the water.


First of the Bluebells coming through.

Anemone nemorosa
Wood Anemone

Anemone nemorosa is an early-spring flowering plant in the buttercup family Ranunculaceae, native to Europe. Common names include wood anemone, windflower, thimbleweed, and smell fox, an allusion to the musky smell of the leaves

Has to be one of my favourite wild flowers.

Field Wood-rush - Luzula campestris



  1. Lovely post and photos. I especially love the dandelion and wood anemone photos. The latter are one of my favourites too :)

    Do hope the swans are left in peace - as you say such a shame about all that plastic in the nest :(

    It looks a lovely place to walk with so much to see - wish I had such a good park near here. There is a river with walks but to be honest I don't think I would feel safe walking there alone :(

    1. I have been recording in this park over 9 yrs, actually it's two parks with a lane down the middle. They have spent a lot of money on it in the past few years putting in paths. Many more people use the park now, I miss the realy wild areas.
      Having said that it's a great area, trees, wild flowers, bird, and a stream.

  2. Lovely photos, I keep seeing updates on the Swans on the Friends of.... facebook group. I know somebody just yesterday was saying they'd seen a woman let her dog in the pond near the Swans :( xx

    1. Thanks Pam, there are just some people who do not get nature at all. It is a very busy place for dogs now the paths are in. A few of these people are very disappointing to say the least.
      Fingers crossed the Swans will have their young.